International Anti-Contest 2007 of Sound-Rebels

acsr, the Brussels based plat­form for sound and radio­pho­nic crea­tion, launches an inter­na­tio­nal anti-contest of sound-rebels.

“Politics in a work of lite­ra­ture, is like a gun­shot in the middle of a concert, some­thing unci­vi­li­zed to which howe­ver it is not pos­sible to turn your back” (Stendhal)

“Make resis­tance a coun­ter-power and rebel­lion a pro­ject of love” (M. Hardt/A. Negri)

This anti-contest is open to all ama­teurs and pro­fes­sio­nals of radio­pho­nic sound crea­tion. It is reques­ted from the par­ti­ci­pants to create an ori­gi­nal sound work expres­sing a rebel­lion (indi­vi­dual or social) without using text. The maxi­mum dura­tion of the work is 2 minutes. A selec­tion of these short pieces will be dif­fu­sed during the Radiophonic 2007 fes­ti­val which will take place in Brussels bet­ween 25th and 28th October.

Please send your contri­bu­tion on CD, in audio for­mat .wav (44.1 kHz — 16 bit) before September 30, 2007 to acsr, 49 rue Saint-Josse, B‑1210 Brussels, Belgium.

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