Prix Europa 2015

Félicitation à Medhi Ahoudig qui a rem­por­té le Prix du meilleur docu­men­taire pour «Poudreuse dans la Meuse» (en écoute sur; éga­le­ment à Aurélia Balboni pour sa 2e place avec son docu­men­taire «Les mots de ma mère» à décou­vrir en public et en pré­sence de la réa­li­sa­trice au centre cultu­rel Jacques Franck (Saint-Gilles, Bruxelles) le dimanche 22 Novembre à 17h et bien­tôt en écoute sur!

Citation of the Prix Europa’s Jury:

« The most suc­cess­ful radio docu­men­ta­ries invite the lis­te­ner into a com­plete world at a level beyond our eve­ry­day expe­rience, to become inti­mate with people, their rela­tion­ships, their sto­ries, their thoughts and fee­lings. This docu­men­ta­ry achieves that with an appa­rent effort­less­ness from the very first moment. We are wel­co­med along­side the pro­ta­go­nists – not as deta­ched obser­vers or prying voyeurs, but as wit­nesses of a family’s pri­vate tra­ge­dy. Our res­ponse is to share their moments of humour, of frus­tra­tion, of pain. Our empa­thy is inevi­ta­bly secu­red through the com­bi­na­tion of a conti­nuous present-tense nar­ra­tive, with events unfol­ding within a deli­cate but assu­red sound desi­gn, and the author’s fine­ly wei­ghed words, jud­ging image and idea, emo­tion and thought with a matu­ri­ty and refi­ne­ment that’s hard to com­pre­hend in a first-time pro­du­cer making a sto­ry about her own mother’s decline in health. Truly remarkable. »