The deadline for submissions to be received is Monday, October 2

Premios Ondas 2023


The Ondas Awards were created in 1954 and are held annually by Promotora de Informaciones S.A. (PRISA) through Cadena SER’s Radio Barcelona station to award both the quality and popularity of productions, as well as careers in radio, television, music and radio advertising.

There are five sections in the Ondas Awards: National Radio, National Radio Advertising, National Television, National Music, International Radio and International Television.

The following rules apply to all of the categories.

Since its very beginning, the intention was to adapt the awards’ objectives to the new scenarios arising from the constant evolution taking place in the world of communication.


All work produced or co-produced in any country and broadcast internationally between 1st October 2022 and 30th September 2023 is eligible for entry to these awards. P

rofessionals are also eligible for entry for achievements attested to over the same period.
The Ondas Awards are open to:
– All radio and television organisations and companies duly authorised by the relevant legislation that operate a radio or television broadcasting service in accordance with national and international law.
– Audio-visual production companies that would like to enter a programme for the Ondas Awards must do so through the radio or television organisation that broadcast it.
– Professionals of recognized prestige.

Each organisation or company that enters will have the option of entering no more than two programmes per each category (2 for radio and 2 for television).

Programmes may be presented individually or jointly when they are coproduced by two or more organisations or companies.


The deadline for submissions to be received is Monday, October 2. 


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